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  1. The Four Bad Boys And Me by blue_maiden - 182M

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  3. Teen Clash (Boys vs. Girls) by iDangs - 118M

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  5. The Good Girl's Revenge by blue_maiden - 102M

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  7. My Husband is a Mafia Boss by YanaJin - 102M

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  9. Must Date The PLAYBOY! by notjustarandomgirl - 96.7M

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  11. GIRLFRIEND FOR HIRE. by Yam-Yam28 - 85.4M

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  13. Secretly Married by forgottenglimmer - 73.5M

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  15. The Boy Next Door by ScribllerMia - 72.4M

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  17. Teen Clash 2: Battle between Heart and Mind by iDangs - 71.2M

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  19. HE'S INTO HER Season 1 by maxinejiji - 68.2M

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