1. Oppa
  2. A respectful Korean term used by females to call older males such as older male friends or older brothers, but now with the Hallyu kickin' in, people are using it being as annoying as the Japanese, "Kawaii" wave. Usually used in the annoying way by crazy kpop or jpop fangirls.
  3. Aegyo
  4. Possibly synonymous with Sunny, the Queen of Aegyo! "Aegyo" means super cuteness, like when someone does a very adorable act ranging from giving simple puppy eyes to clinging to another's arm and whining in a lovable fashion. Aegyo seems to be a huge part of the Korean culture and people love it a lot! I, personally, find it to be a bit too much at times and I definitely don't have any in my inventory.
    One thing many stars have done is the 'Cutie/Gwiyomi Player' in which they count upwards while using that same number of fingers to cutely frame their face somehow.
  5. omo
  6. This is short for "omona" and means "oh, my." So when you're surprised, you can go "omomomomo" endlessly if you want.
  7. Ai-goo
  8. This word is usually used by older folks when something is difficult for them. However, it can be used by basically anyone when they're feeling stressed.
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